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Although reflexology is highly relaxing, it isn’t purely just for relaxation.

Regular treatments can improve your emotional and physical health. It’s a natural pain relief, boosts immunity and encourages lymph flow - helping to drain away the toxins that may be stored in your body.

Reflexology promotes good sleep, helps with hormonal and fertility issues and feels so good that most of my clients fall asleep.

It also aids digestion, can relieve IBS symptoms and generally makes you feel good all over.

A reflexologist performing reflexology on a client’s foot

Treatment Prices


45 Minutes


Course of Six £165.00

Reflexology & Head Massage

60 Minutes


Course of Six £200.00

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About Me

Hello! For those of you that haven’t met me yet - my name is Holly and I am a Reflexologist in the Brentwood and surrounding areas.

I’m 42, with three children between the ages of 14 and 21. I have had a keen interest in reflexology since I was pregnant with my first child, when I had my first ever treatment and realised just how amazing and beneficial it was.

Over the past twelve years, I have studied counselling skills, reiki, spiritual coaching and also participated in a Triple R course which have all given me an insight into the human mind and behaviours. Studying reflexology also means I have a great understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. I have a keen interest in wellness and the many conditions, diseases and illnesses we may suffer during our lifetime. I am especially keen for my clients to understand the link between carrying past trauma and the effect it has on the body. I work very much on the emotional aspect of health as well as the physical.

I’m very spiritual and put my heart and soul (as well as lots of love) into every treatment. I find ways every day to live in my soul’s purpose and encourage my wonderful clients to do the same.

A reflexologist enjoying a spiritual day out in nature

Holly x

Other Services

Spiritual Wellness Walks (Ingatestone)

Walk, talk & coffee

Wednesdays 9.30am - 11.30am

£5.00 per person, including tea/coffee afterwards (check my social media for up to date details each week)

Vision Boards - come & manifest your dreams with me.

You can have whatever you want. You just have to ask the universe.

£44.00 one to one

£22.00 per person in groups of two or more

Freedom Spiritual Coaching Course (one day) - set yourself free with me.

Discover and release the blocks holding you back - a morning of deep inner work, followed by a wellness walk, a vision board and a full reflexology treatment in the afternoon. Absolute focus is a must-have with this course. Be prepared to work hard; the reward is amazing.

£150.00 one to one

Holistic Healing by Holly

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Opening Times

Monday to Friday

9:00 am to 6:30 pm


9:00 am to 11.00 am

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Holly x